Airtime Giveaway to blog top commentators for the month of February

Hello fellas… Happy New month to you all. It is yet another new month and the moment some of us have been patiently waiting for. Last month, the competition geared up a little bit and we got some new and loyal readers to keep checking on this blog for daily updates.

I hope the coming month will be fruitful for us all. As usual I will be rewarding the top commentators for the month of February 2018. If you are one of them kindly drop your number using the comment section and your reward will be sent to you.

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The names will be arranged according to the amount of comments per person. Something amazing happened, I hope I can do justice to it. As you can see from the image below, there is a tie for top comment between three commentators. Just to be clear, the all came first and will be rewarded accordingly. 
top commentator widget for blogger
1. Vibe Naija
3. Ehis
3. Hassan
4. Hussaini

Those whose names appear on the list above should drop their phone number in order to claim their rewards.

I noticed Some users publish upto or more than 3 comments on a single post, which is not good. I appreciate the comments and all but we should try to minimize the quantity and focus rather on the quality of our comments. thanks to our spam bot I was able to filter out some.

Meanwhile, Our android application is now available for download, and it is packed with amazing features one of which is the notification feature, so you won’t have to miss an update. The app can be downloaded directly through this link
Cheers to the winners

10 thoughts on “Airtime Giveaway to blog top commentators for the month of February”

  1. Thanks a lot bro, always check and delete irrelevant comments. Also look out for thieves, who are fond of claiming other peoples reward.

    Thanks for your good works and consistency.

    my num.. .0 7 .0 .8 1 .4 .5 4 7 3 1.

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