Android 7.0: Download Infinix Hot 4 Android 7.0 Nougat Beta 2 Update

Infinix Hot 4 can now rejoice! Android 7 Nougat update beta 2 is available for Hot 4 smartphone. Beginning from June, OTA (Over-the-Air) update will be rolled out to all Hot 4 users.

The Nougat 7.0 Beta 2 T-card update is available for downloading, it’s for everyone who can not exercise patient till the roll out of OTA update. This beta 2 update fixes some of the bug noticed in beta 1. Users that already installed it and reported the following bugs;

1. Phone takes too long to boot-up after restarting or Turn off like 2mins
2. Still no option in Notification Bar to set device on Sound, Vibrate, Mute
3. Battery Optimization: Battery drains faster than a leaking pocket.
4. Auto Brightness still don’t work if you go outside or at a bright place it still stays low, have to increase manually
5. Now While Calling, can’t hear both sides properly Mic and Speaker deliver voice really low even volume is at maximal.
The stable version is coming beginning from 5 th of June 2017.

Where Can I Download Android 7.0 Beta 2 for Infinix Hot 4?
Download Required files HERE

How to Install Android 7.0 Nougat Beta 2 on Infinix Hot 4 Via T-Card

For the purpose of the first timer, get a clean SD card and place the downloaded ROM inside
1. Press your menu key and go to system update

2. Choose update from the local option

3. Choose the version you downloaded to your SDcard and click on install

4. Your device will reboot and start upgrading to Android 7.0 Nougat

That’s all guys. Hope it helps. Should you encounter any boot loops Just clear the system cache by entering the quick boot menu.


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