Apple’s Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard | Specification And Price

Meet the new Bluetooth virtual laser projection keyboard with LCD Display that features portable and lightweight design for easy carrying. As a new input device, using the built-in infrared laser transmitter to project the standard keyboard on the working surface, you can locate the click position and input the information by the method of optical identification.

Without physical keyboard, small size, easy to carry, this projection keyboard can adapt to most of the working environment.

Specification and price of Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard

Pattern Projector
Light Source: Red Laser Diode
Keyboard Layout: Approximately 19mm Pitch, QWERTY Layout
Keyboard Size: Approx. Width : 240mm, Height 100mm
Keyboard Location: Approx. 80m from the bottom of device
Project Surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface.

Keyboard Sensor
Recognition Rate: Approximately up to 350 characters per minute
Operating Surface: Any firm flat surface.

Electrical Characteristics
External Power Supply:USB Power / less than 5V 500mA
Battery & Capacity:Lithium-ion Polymer Battery,
600mAh(MA X) @ 3.7V

Battery Operating /Battery Charging Time: Approx. 120min
Bluetooth: V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
Frequency Range:2402-2480MHz
Modulation: GFSK

Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature: ~ 35°C / 90%RH
Storage Temperature:- ~ 35°C / ~90%RH

Dimensions and Weight
Size (mm):78mm x 40mm x 20mm
Weight (g):Approx. 60

English QWERTY keyboard layout.
Truly portable design: perfect for on-the-go
Full size key pitch and shortcut keys for ease of operation.
Superior durability (No moving component inside) Built-in Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery for mobility and convenience.

Compatible with latest operating systems: Windows XP & later, Windows Phone 7 & later, iOS4 and later, Android 2.1 and later, Mac OS X & later.

How it Works
This product emits infrared light from the lower end of the product to detect objects such as fingers. When an object passes through the are illuminated by the infrared light source, any infrared light reflecting off an object is detected by the sensor.
Information on the position and movement of the object is then analyzed to perform the product’s role as a keyboard.

The device is currently on most online mall and is sold for $35.99. You can buy from banggood.

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