Are You Still Using Custom ROMs on Your Android Phone?

One of the coolest things that made me settle down with the Android operating system was the ability to install custom ROMs and tweak my android device to my taste.

Different users install custom ROMs for different reasons. Custom ROMs may offer more features than the default ROM. Also, old devices that don’t get updates anymore may prefer custom ROMs to the default ROM.

These custom ROMs are traditionally made by groups of enthusiasts and offered a host of cool features. Back in the day, discussions surrounding ROMs were very popular, as they allowed to extend the life of the smartphone, and sometimes even offered better performance than the original smartphone itself.

One of the major reason people prefers to use custom ROMs was simply that smartphone makers don’t provide security updates. But manufacturers are finally taking the initiative to deliver security updates on Android for a longer period.

We don’t seem to hear a lot about custom ROMs these days, custom ROMs like Pixel Experience, LineageOS, Evolution X, Corvus OS, Revenge OS, Arrow OS, Bliss OS. Are they dead or have people just decided to stick to their stock ROM?

However, AndroidAuthority conducted a poll to see how many people still use custom ROM and the result was surprising.

Image credit: AndroidAuthority

The result shows that a good chunk of Android users doesn’t use the default ROM. The result shows that only 21.80% of Android users have never used a custom ROM.

Looking at the overall situation, more than 70% of Android users have used third-party ROMs, 26% have never used them, and 35% currently using them. This result is strictly from the survey of Androidauthority but a very popular one. There were about 28,000 participants from the website, Twitter and YouTube. All three platforms did not have similar results.

On Twitter, the number of participants is just a little below 5000. The result shows that about 62% of users have tested custom ROM at some point. Out of this number, 17% are still using third-party systems while 45% are done with these systems. This means that the remaining 38% have not had anything to do with third-party systems.

Finally, on YouTube, the result is also different from the website and Twitter. The YouTube poll with over 16,000 voters shows that 56% of users have tested custom ROMs at some point. While 14% are still using third-party systems, 40% no longer use them.

We want to know if you have once used a custom ROM before, are you still using it, and why are you still using it?

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