December 2016 updated Data subscription code for all networks in Nigeria

Incoming searches from popular search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Latest free browsing cheats data subscription code for all networks in Nigeria. All are available on this platform, just keep calm and continue reading. Below is a comprehensive list of the data codes known to this blog.


Mtn one of the dominating telecommunications network in Nigeria, have been on the fore front in the data subscription code when the introduced their popular night plan that allows you get 500mb for just #25 which is valid from 12am-4am and also their stack pack plan, that you can accumulate up to 11.5GB with just #1000 , you can also check out their 1.5GB for #1000 which works on all Sim cards, or if you are a data lover u can check out their 3.5GB for #2000 or their 5GB for #2000 surprise plan, also available is the 24GB at #10000. All are valid for 30 days. click here for more.


Another prominent telecoms network, who are silently working hard to make their subscription code cheaper also have their 1.5GB data for #1000, and 6.5GB at N3500 valid for 30 days, also blackberry users can check out this comprehensive list for subscription cheap subscription codes. I recently published a comprehensive published a list of data codes for etisalat network which is valid for 30 days, you can check it out HERE.


Airtel who are still struggling to gain subscribers have done their best to make data subscription codes are made cheaper, you can check out the latest 2GB at #200 valid for 14 days or the 6GB at #500 valid for 28 days, both work only on 2g network  mode, but can be tweaks to work on 3g mode. You can also accumulate 7GB with just #700 which only works on weekends, you can also get 750mb with #500. Check out their 7GB at #3500 and 5GB at #2500both valid for 30days. You can also check out their free basic service, that allows you browse popular websites for free. click here for more on Airtel subscription codes


Known for their slow network speed in browsing, but have cheap and affordable data codes. In june they revised their data plan code, where you can get 2GB for just #1000, also check out their 24Gb at #8000 all are valid for 30days. You can also try their data plan that allows you get 6GB plan at #2000, or their 1GB at #100, but this plan is sim selective. You can check out a comprehensive list I published on this blog for the latest data subscription code for glo users HERE.

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