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Hello guys!!! Permit me to announce to you all that GyrationTechs Application is now available for android users. The app comes with great features I know you would love it. Statistics show that most people prefer to use an android app rather than visiting the main website or blog. This is due to the fact that Android applications are coded in a way that the environment is easy to navigate and consumes less data, than visiting the website through a web browser.

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GyrationTechs App has been under development for some time, and was been tested by our beta users to monitor and feedback on possible user experience. Although the app has been published, it is still subjected to changes based on user reviews and feedback. Lets quickly review a few of the features to expect from the app.


  • File name: GyrationTech v2.0 Apk
  • File size: 10mb (I know its a bit huge, but promise to shrink in latter versions)
  • It comes with easy navigation: Slider at the top right to guide you through the app environment
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  • Ability to switch layout: Depending on the style and design you like, there are options for you to switch the layout of the app to your taste.

  • Notification feature: Never miss an update, the app comes with a feature that notifies users each time a new post is published on this blog

  • You can also change the theme color of the app from white to dark, which ever style you like.


✔️ GyrationTechs Android App is currently not on PlayStore due to some minor reasons which I promise to reslove soon. However, the app is hosted by datafilehost.

✔️ GyrationTechs Apk at the moment is available for android users only, and can be downloaded through this link

NB: At first you might recieve a pop-up to download a file from datafilehost, you can skip to download the GyrationTechs.Apk File. Support this blog by downloading our android application.

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My advice to bloggers/website owners/organisations/co-operate firms and any other product/content related services, you need an application for your brand to help widen your audience and to let your readers that you have their best interest at heart. It is not difficult to get an app for your brand, there are quite a number of online tools that help program applications for people with zero programming knowledge. Meanwhile, if you’ve downloaded GyrationTech apk and you like the design, or you want something similar for your blog/brand. I can set that up for you. Simply send an Email to with subject Android App Design to get started.

How would you rate our application? Share with us via comment section.

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