Download IDM: To boost/speed up your phone and PC download speed upto 200%

There is nothing as frustrating as having a smartphone or a computer that downloads with the speed of snail, it is very annoying. Most times we experience such due low network coverage in the location, sometimes the kind of browser we use also decreases downloading speed, in another case, when using VPN apps (Psiphon, tweakware, stark vpn, anonytun, syphon shield etc) to power our browsers, it might result in slow browsing and downloads.
PC on the other hand is known for their very slow download speed, imagine downloading a file worth upto 2GB at the rate of 30kps, you may grow old waiting on it to complete. However, there is a way to by-pass slow download using an app, IDM. The name IDM is short for Internet Download Manager, the name pretty much defines what the App does, but just a run through of basic features of the app.


1. It takes control of your device downloads and boosts the speed of download
2. Boosts download by spliting files into segments (4, 5, 6…) each segment having its own download speed.
3. Android Version downloads only 2 files at a time, but can be upgraded when you purchase their premium service.
4. PC version allows multiple downloads but it only gives 40 days trial, after which you would be required to upgrade.
5. The file size for android and PC is relatively small (less than 10mb)
6. Using IDM you get a minimum download speed of 80kbps and upto 2-5mbps depending on your network speed.

WHERE TO DOWNLOAD IDM (Internet Download Manager)

  • Android users: download HERE
  • PC users: Download HERE
  • iOS users: Download HERE
NOTE: The PC version has limited number of days allowed for use, after which the product will be deactivated, but I’ll share a way to by-pass the restrictions and download unlimitedly in my next post. So keep a date with us.
That’s all on how you can boost your download speed, no more annoying speed. If you encounter any issues using either version, let us know via comment section. Also, sharing is caring remember to share this post with friends via social media and remember to join our social handle for more of the same.

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