eNaira, NG Digital Currency Website Goes Live, Records 1M Hits

Ahead of the launch, the eNaira website, Nigeria digital currency scheduled to be launched October 1st has recorded a 1 million hit according to a recent report.

Just a few hours after the website went live, it has recorded over one million hits. The development could pass as a reflection of the level of interest in the proposed digital currency.

We took a look at the site, and it appears everything is almost set, there is a page that presents you with an option to download the app which will be available from Oct 1st. The app is going to have an e-wallet that you can use to fund your account.

It offers the opportunity for peer-to-peer payments which allow users to send money to one another through a linked bank account or card.

Some interesting Q&As on the website

Will the eNaira replace cash?

No, it will circulate alongside cash. The eNaira will complement cash as a less costly, more efficient, generally accepted, safe, and trusted means of payment.

As an eNaira holder, am I assured of data privacy?

Yes. Similar to the privacy enjoyed by current online banking patrons, the eNaira system has been designed to ensure data and user privacy. There are also operational policies and procedures in place to protect users’ identity and privacy.

Is the eNaira safe?

e-Naira is safe and secured with cryptographic techniques against counterfeiting, cloning, and other forms of attack.

The Nigeria digital currency enaira will be launched 1st of August, and then, we’ll know the way forward. Let us know what you think in the comment.

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