End-to-End Encryption Now Available for Facebook Messenger Voice, and Video Calls

End-to-End encryption is now rolling out to Facebook voice and video calls in Messenger. Announced on a blog post over the weekend that it will be rolling it out alongside new controls for its disappearing messages.

According to FB, Today, we’re rolling out the option to make voice and video calls end-to-end encrypted on Messenger, along with updated controls for disappearing messages.

Back in 2016, Facebook Messenger got end-to-end encryption for text messages, when Facebook added a “secret conversation” option to its app. Now, that mode also supports calling.

WhatsApp, a Facebook product has been offering end-to-end encrypted calls for some time, which prevents anyone other than the other person from seeing the content of the conversation. A number of messengers from other companies offer similar solutions, including FaceTime, Zoom, Signal and Telegram.

Previously, there were rumors that Facebook might roll out end-to-end encrypted group chats for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Control over Disappearing messages has also been updated. The new updates provide more options for people in the chat to choose the amount of time before all new messages disappear, from as few as 5 seconds to as long as 24 hours.

What’s Coming Soon

Facebook is running a limited beta test of other features. Some users will see an option for end-to-end encrypted group chats and calls between “friends and family that already have an existing chat thread or are already connected.” Others will get support for Facebook’s existing non-E2EE controls over who can reach them on Messenger.

And finally, if you use Instagram, a “limited test” will offer opt-in E2EE for that app’s direct messages as well.

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