Etisalat 0.0k free browsing. Blazing via tweakware v5.8

Hello guys, etisalat free browsing is back and currently blazing via tweakware v5.8. Most of us are still enjoying the Glo tweak that has been available for some months now. But folks complain atimes due to low network coverage at some locations. Shall we proceed to the tweak?

1. Android phone
2. Tweakware latest version. Download from play store, or use the direct download link
3. Etisalat Sim with 0.0k


» Use default APN Settings

» After installing, go to ‘SETTINGS’and click on ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ to start the installation process.

» Make sure you have a working internet connection. You can use the etisalat 60mb tweak to download and install the REMOTE TWEAK

» After installation is finished, go back to the home screen and select the ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ from the list of tweaks.

» Click on CONNECT to start connecting Tweakware and wait for it to get connected.

NOTE: This Remote Tweak Is Removed If You “force Close” the app Or “exit” the app Or Reboot Your Phone. In That Case You Have To Redo The Above steps Again To Get The Remote Settings Back.

If You Get Error Of “remote Tweak Installation Failed” Even When You Have Working Internet Data Then It Is Possible That The Remote Tweak Server is Down. You Can Try Again Later Or After A Few Hours.

That’s all guys, enjoy this tweak while it lasts. If you experience issues setting it up, let me know via comment section.

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