Etisalat BIS working on Android (no tweaking required)

Are you looking for a cheap way to browse with your android phone? Etisalat BIS is working perfectly on android. most of our readers are now enjoying Etisalat 3GB sub on their devices. Note, it does not work on all sim cards.
To be on a safer side, and avoid risking your 1000 in a sim that is not working, i decided to share the code for 100 1 day sub, for you to use and check if your sim works.

How to subsribe for Etisalat daily BIS
load 100 card

dial *499*3*2# and you will be given 50mb valid for 1 day

Go to your android settings and create a new apn as shown below

Go to settings > more > mobile networks > APN

Name: Etisalat bis



port: 8080
Use this settings and open your browser. if it works, then your sim can subscribe for 1000 Etisalat BIS on your android device

Note: You have to cancel the daily sub before the monthly sub will work. dial *200*3*2*5# to opt-out

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