Facebook Silently working on A Modular Smartphone

News flying around is that Facebook is developing a Modular smartphone as a patent application filled by the company. Facebook revealed that they may be working on a device that can be used as a phone. Although Modular smartphones have always been an interesting idea and it seems that nobody has turned the idea into reality yet. And it now been rumored that facebook are currently working on a similar project.

However, google attempted something similar (Project Ara) Last year, but for some reasons the project was put on hold. Funny enough, most of the Brains behind Project Ara went to Facebook, and now they work at Facebook Building 8 – the lab that is responsible for the patent application.

The device can be used as both as something like an Alexa speaker as well as a phone but the patent application also states that components of the device can be swapped out and different software could be loaded depending on the used components.


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