FG set to launch “Buhari Mobile App” see features of the app

FG of Nigeria set to roll out an information dissemination application soon. This app intends to bridge the information gap between the government and the people.

This was disclosed by the minister of information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in Abuja at a meeting held sometime last week with Resident Information Officers (RIOs) in the ministry.

Mohammed said workshops would be organized by the government, starting with 25 to 30 key ministries and agencies before others are brought in.

Though some are calling it the Buhari mobile app, report has it that it would be called the Federal Government Information App (FGIAPP).

Features of the FGIAPP

1. This new app will be launched on December 15 in Abuja.

2. This unique app will put an end to the misrepresentation and dissemination of falsehood on activities the Buhari-led government.

3. It will help Nigerians monitor the activities of the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

4. With this app, you can get to know what is happening in Nigeria from anywhere in the world.

5. This information dissemination app was developed by Olawole Falope.

6. The Resident Information Officers (RIOs) from ministries, departments and agencies would be the one that would feed the app with stories.

7. This new app will go on hand held devices.

8. It would function 24/7 all year round.

The question most Nigerians will be asking is How does this enhance the current economic situation of the Country?

source: naij

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