Glo virtual data supermart( 1gb for N200)

Considering that Airtel which tend to be leading in terms of providing cheap and affordable data plans, GLO, to a very large extent, is still making a lot sense compared to other competitors.
While going through the *777# code on the glo network, I stumbled on a data plan that’s quite fascinating. With just N200, you’d be able to get 1GB of data during night periods. According to glo, the data can be used from 12:01am to 5:59am.
I actually tried it and YES, it worked. For some of us who is used to surfing more during the night time and consume quite a lot of data, this certainly comes in handy. It simply means that with just N200, you can surf through the night and watch a few online videos.
Other plans available in the Glo’s Supermart package includes;
• 1.5GB for N1000
• 3GB for N2000
• 4.5GB for N2500
• 6GB for N3000
• 9GB for N4000
• 12GB for N5000
• 24GB for N8000
For heavy internet users who steadily uses the glo network, you would agree with me that this is a good deal. To opt in for any of the above data plans, just dial *777# and follow the onscreen instructions

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