Go multiple: How to run multiple social media account on one device

As the name suggests, it’s an app that allows you run multiple Instant messaging apps on the same smartphone without conflicts or any issues. In other words, if you have two accounts for Messaging and tired to log in and out to receive different message, Go Multiple is the answer.

“GO Multiple” is developed for people who log in more than Two social Accounts of One App with only One Phone, while data of your main account and second account are in parallel and separate storage.

✔️ One app, All message:
We support most Instant Messaging. Multiple accounts can work simultaneously on one device, connect different friends and share parallel information.
✔️ Double Game Experience :
You can open two game accounts for Google Play and get experience for both accounts at the same time! We now support 99% of top games!
✔️ Fast Switch between Interface
Upgraded UI, clear notification to help you fast switch between two accounts.
✔️ Parallel Function, separate storage, zero conflict!
✔️ Small and low CPU consume.
✔️ Privacy and Security

Download Go Multiple Apk HERE

✔️ After downloading and installing the app, it will present you with options to choose the messenger you wish to add multiple accounts. At default, you have Facebook main app, WhatsApp and Facebook Lite but you can add more apps of your choice just below as you can see from this screenshot.

✔️ Then select your preferred IM account and hit the enable button… complete the settings and you are good to go.

You will surely enjoy it because Go Multiple is a simple application that allows you to run multiple accounts of any instant messenger, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or twitter… you can even run games on the same device. It is an app that clones other apps in a more simpler way. So say goodbye to the days of limitations on running different whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts on one device.

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