Google AdSense Approval Requirements – What to put in place before Applying (Part 1)

Google Adsense is a means we use to make money from our blogs or websites, while displaying contextual user-friendly Adverts. For most bloggers, the approval E-mail from makes them feel as though they’ve won a lottery. I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and each time I apply for google adsense I usually get disapproved due to one reason or the other. During those periods, I conducted researches, even contacted “adsense gurus” so to say, all to no avail. I even decided to quit blogging, because getting those disapproval messages from google was discouraging.

After some time, I took a break from my blog, and decided to go deep into adsense research, uncovering and mastering their do’s and don’t, which proved to be useful, as you can notice on my blog. In this post, I’ll be discussing Google’s Requirements for Google AdSense approval for publishers. In my next post, I will guide you on how to bypass those Adsense requirements and get your Adsense approval in less time. But before then, Let’s take a look at the requirements on how to get Adsense approval below.


Own A Website/Blog

Your website is the core factor in becoming an AdSense publisher; Before taking up the bold step to apply for AdSense you need to have a website. There are many places you can make your own website using different platforms. It is comprehensively explained in this article: How to create a website for free on blogger and wordpress

Website must comply with Google AdSense policies
Google set a lot of guidelines concerning the websites of publishers in the network and if you want to know how to get AdSense approval fast you must comply with all of them. Below are some vital policies from AdSense.

Language: Google approve websites that are in certain languages and they also don’t approve others. This means to be part of AdSense program your website must be in a supported language. View the list of languages Google AdSense supports below

Copyright: Websites that are liable of copying contents from other webpages without proper reference will not be approved for their program. So if you have a copied content on your website, revert to draft so that after getting the approval, you can proceed to republish it.

Content Categories/Types: Websites with sensitive niches or categories such as cracking, hacking, gambling or inappropriate contents are deemed illegal. Therefore, they will not be approved.

The 3 policies listed above are the most important for you to get AdSense approval fast, you have less to worry about the others.

Your Website must be at least be 6 Months Old
According to Google, approval guidelines goes along with website age. But I have found this to be only important when you are applying AdSense for regions like Asia. But if you are applying for UK/USA AdSense you shouldn’t bother much about this. I got UK AdSense approval this month with a 5 days old website. In my next post, I’ll show you how to apply for UK/USA AdSense from any country and still get approved.

Use a friendly theme
User-friendly themes have Google’s love with them that is why you ought to use a theme that is clean and responsive. There are lots of themes for this and I personally use Sahifa theme for WordPress and News52 Template for Blogger. Those are premium themes which are highly responsive and user friendly. But I recommend you use the new templates that were launched by Google for blogger users some months back.

Make Good Navigational pages
Important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, must be present and visible on your website. Google considers them highly important. Also, your site must be easy to navigate, ie users should be able to access any page, without going through must stress. You should also consider adding a contact form widget to your blog

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Uploading contents
This section sums up the AdSense approval requirement. You must have quality content on your website. I recommend you upload 10-15 contents to your blog with each containing a minimum of 700words; After completing this phase your chances of getting AdSense approved is 90%.

You must have A Google account and you must be 18
You must have a Google account, AdSense is a product of Google likewise YouTube, Blogger host, Gmail, Drive, Docs and others. In order for you to be eligible for the application you also have to be up to the age of 18; this factor is important because blogging is a job and likewise other jobs taxes and legal tenders are involved.

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Final Words
Above are the necessary requirement for all publishers who intend to partner with google and serve relevant ads on their websites. I strongly recommend that before you sign up to monetise your blog through AdSense, you go through their Policies. But if you don’t want to go through all these hard works, then follow this link to learn how you can get AdSense Approval Fast. Hope you find this post helpful.

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