Google Chrome Reinvents Your Browser with Smart Search Called Journey

Google has announced a new update to its Chrome browser called ‘Journey’. The update is now rolling out to Chrome on the desktop and will smartly group past searches by topic.

The browser will automatically highlight this new experience when you start searching for a related term.


With the History Journey’s page, users can quickly pick up where they left off in case they got distracted or had to stop browsing for some reason. Upon typing a related word into the search bar and clicking on “Resume your research”, users will see a list of relevant sites they visited which are based on how much each site was interacted with.

Google stresses that users can turn this feature off completely if they are uncomfortable with the browser building these clusters for them.

Action Feature

With Chrome Action feature, You can enter specific commands to navigate around the browser quickly. For example, you could type “Clear browsing data” to quickly delete your history.

Now, Google is adding a bunch of new actions. Here’s what Google is adding:

“Manage settings”“Customize Chrome”“View your Chrome history”“Manage accessibility settings”“Share this tab”“Play Chrome Dino game”

You can simply type any of those into your browser’s address bar to accomplish the actions quickly and easily.

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