GyrationTechs Airtime Giveaway to Top Commentators ~ Jan 2018

Hello fellas… Happy New month to you all. First of, I would like to apologise for not writing this post a bit sooner, have been occupied with school exams and stuffs. Also the reason for me not updating this blog regularly as before.

We started the year on a good note as there were airtime reward sent to users early last month as price for being this blog’s top commentators for that month. As usual I will be rewarding the top commentators for the month of January 2018. If you are one of them kindly drop your number using the comment section and your reward will be sent to you.

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The names will be arranged according to the amount of comments per person. In decreasing order, check out  the winners for last month’s contest.

1. Ehis
2. Vibe Naija
3. Hassan
4. —
5. —

Those whose names appear on the list above should endeavour to drop their numbers to claim their rewards.

Some comments were excluded from the list due to the fact that the persons joined the contest a bit late. I urge those users to not relent but partake fully in this month’s edition.
 Cheers to the winners

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