GyrationTechs Blog free Airtime Giveaway To Top Commentor

In the spirit of celebration over the the launch of our Application, We have decided to reward our loyal audience with free airtime at the end of each month, starting from the month of November. So if you’ve been visiting us without leaving a comment, then perhaps its time to  begin sharing your comments with us, as there are prices to be won for our readers.

gyrationtechs anonytun

This is actually the first of its kind, a means to giveback to our readers. Depending on the outcome of this promotion, more freebies will be awarded to users who constantly visit this blog. So! ensure you always checkback to this blog on a daily basis as a price can be awarded at any point in time.

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  • To participate is quite easy, simply visit this blog on a regular basis and ensure you leave a good/quality comment relating to the publication. 
  • Avoid spamming or leaving comments that are not related to the topic of discussion.
  • At the end of each month, a list will be published containing our top commentors for that month and their reward will ve sent to them.

So guys, I urge you to partake in this contest and earn rewards for leaving commets on this blog.  Also, you can invite others to also join, because it is more fun when the competition is high. See you on the other side

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