GyrationTechs thank you speech. Faculty of Engineering Unijos Award for most Creative

Okay, let’s try out something different today. I realized I’ve never made a post about myself. Although, there is an “about me” page on this blog. But in case you’ve never had the chance to go through it, I am going to do so here. But before I start, would like to acknowledge those who supported me from the beginning of my blogging career up to this moment. By God’s grace, GyrationTechs Blog Is celebrating her one year anniversary (how time flies). To our loyal viewers Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. Without you guys, there would never had been anything Like GyrationTechs. Back to the topic of the day.

I am a 300l student of the faculty of engineering University of Jos. Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering. Also, the brain behind GyrationTechs Blog. Recently, at the just concluded award and dinner night at my faculty, I was nominated as the most creative (Based on my Blog/web design Knowledge). And as God may have it, I won the award. As you all know I am a web/blog designer and also a blogger.
The event was held on the 13th April, 2017 at Crest Hotel. Jos, Plateau state. It was an EPIC event, the first of its kind. The show was fun filled as there were quite a number of performances by Artist here on the Plateau, and also music Artists from faculty of engineering. Those guys are just amazing, I never knew we had such talented individuals with us.
I feel really honored to be awarded; it shows that my work is being appreciated by people around. GyrationTechs have grown to be one of the most popular tech blog in Plateau State. And soon to be the greatest in Nigeria and the World at large (after my bosses; wizytechs, ogbongeblog, yomiprof…)

I would conclude by saying, life does not always revolve around having a certificate. Gone are the days when certificate is a guarantee for a successful living. I urge us all to engage in one hand work or the other, it must not be blogging, there are quite a number of jobs you can engage yourself in and earn enough to sustain you while in school or at home. It all depends on your talent/passion, self-determination and patience.

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