Have You Tried Opera Web3 Crypto Browser – NFTs, Wallets, and More

Opera has launched Web3 browser optimized for the use of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, together with its own dedicated wallet.

The browser is an all-in-one web browser with cryptocurrency wallet, and portal to fiat-to-ethereum exchange makes buying, selling, and holding non-fungible tokens surprisingly easy.

What You Should Know About Opera Web3 Browser

1. Opera Web3 Crypto Browser can operate in a blockchain-based internet environment (Web3), and it also supports an onboard crypto wallet, to store all your crypto currency, make transactions, etc.
2. The data for all the transactions (or whatever you use the blockchain for) is duplicated and spread throughout the network, making everything very secure and attack-proof.
3. One of the key features of the new Opera Web3 Crypto Browser is the aforementioned ability to support the Web3 internet. At the moment, this “place” is mainly filled with crypto enthusiasts, strange blockchain applications, and crypto tokens.
4. Opera Crypto Browser is the built-in wallet that supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervo, with more blockchains to be included in the future.
There’s also a special crypto-related news section in the browser called Crypto Corner, as well as shortcuts to Crypto Twitter, Discord, Reddit or DappRadar placed directly in the browser’s speed dial.

What’s more, Opera seems to have taken into account common — and costly — points of failure when designing its crypto browser. For example, because the browser already contains a native wallet, users don’t need to add potentially malware-ridden extensions to their normal web browser in order to interact with dApps.

Opera also said that it is preserving features like its anonymous, unlimited “VPN” proxy, which doesn’t log user data.

Where to Download it

You can download it here for Windows, Android and Mac. iOS coming soon.

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