How I Download And Save WhatsApp Status Updates (Pictures And Videos)

Back in February, Whatsapp introduced WhatsApp status was at first intended to replace the old text status, but in latter version the brought back the original status so that both could be used, due to complaints from users. People have really been enjoying this featured ever since it was introduced and it’s similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat and most recently Facebook.

When using the recent Whatsapp status feature, you’d be able to upload pictures or short videos which will be visible to your contacts for exactly 24 hours before it will be automatically removed by​ WhatsApp.

The major setback of this feature is that one can’t download the shared videos or images unless you request for the file from the original sender or if you download a modded version of Whatsapp like GB WhatsApp to be able to download the file.

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If you are using the normal WhatsApp app and want to be able to save the short videos or images uploaded by your friends without having to ask them, there is actually a simple trick to save it on your phone permanently. Sit tight while I guide you through the steps.


=> View the WhatsApp status you want to save. (Picture or Video)

=> Open your phone’s file manager or any other third party file manager.

=> Open the Storage Where you save your WhatsApp profile pictures

=> Open the Whatsapp folder > then media folder.
> Enable “show hidden folder” on your file manager.

=> Once this has been done, a folder named “.Statuses” will appear.

=> Open the folder and you will see all your already viewed status in the last 24hours.

=> Copy the picture or video you want to save and paste it in another folder.

=> The copied image or video will now appear in your phone’s gallery permanently until you delete it yourself.

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