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No one can dispute the power of social media. It can get you potential audience, buyers etc for your brand. With the current growth rate in technology, more than 80% population of the world have access to internet, most of them also belong to one social media platform or the other. Which makes social media one of the easiest way to grow your business. Some people even pay popular users to advertise their brand for them (in form of sponsored posts) on their social media handle.

Today, I will be sharing with you how I get 20 Follower on Instagram for free. I’m not talking about robot following you but real human followers. Some months back, I published an article on how to grow followers on instagram, by applying some tricks which I listed. You can find the link to that post HERE. Without wasting much time, let me share the tool I use to gain 20 free followers on a daily basis.

1. No password is required, so your account is save
2. No followback or unnecessary posting on your wall
3. It is free (Although there is a premium plan available)

1. Limited to only 20 followers per trial.
2. Can only be used once every 12 hours.


✔ Make sure that your instagram account is Public (ie anyone can view your profile).

✔ By default all account is public, but just in case you made yours private you should switch it back to public

✔ On your browser, Go to > Click on free followers

✔ Enter your instagram username > Then select Request Add Followers

✔ Wait for two minutes then click on SUBMIT

✔ To get more followers, you need to wait after 12 hours, then go over the steps listed above

There you have it, the method I use to add 20 followers each day on my instagram account. Hope you find this post useful.

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