How to add a widget to your blog

Many people have been asking me how they can add widgets to their websites, so I took my time to write this article which is aimed at educating those who are into blogging, and also those who aspire to become one in future.
Widgets are essential component that enable viewers interact efficiently with your website or blog, and are also necessary for the effective running of the blog. Examples are Headers, pages, labels, contact, total page views, follow by Email, to mention a few.

1.       On your blog menu select layouts and click on it. It takes you to a page as shown in the image below, Select where you want the widget to be e.g Header, side bars, footer, main page etc.

2.       Click on add on the area you wish to add the widget and it opens a new tab showing a comprehensive list of widgets, select the one you wish to add and click on it

3.       After that Edit the widget to your taste and click on save

4.       Go back to the tab on your browser showing the layout settings, at the top right side of the page you will see save arrangement Click on it.

You can add any amount of widget you wish on your blog as long as you remember to save.
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