How To Apply For Andela (ALC 2.0) IT Training – Covers Android, Web, Product Design

Andela is a global engineering organization that connects leading technology companies and talented software developers from around the world. They help companies to build high-performing engineering teams while providing a platform for talented technologists to accelerate their expertise.

Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0 powered by Google is a program that connects people who are interested in learning software development with beginner or intermediate courses in Android/web development or product design. The program is powered by Andela and Google (alcwithgoogle), and featuring course curriculum from Udacity, it is designed to spark a generation of tech talent across Africa.

ALC is powered by self-learning, but the program features peer-learning groups through online and physical community meetups. The program is delivered through an online Udacity course. It features learning content from Google and small group learning programs organized and run by Andela. 


You can Apply to the ANDROID, WEB or PRODUCT DESIGN track as a BEGINNER or an INTERMEDIATE

Beginner Path
Course content
✔ Android Basics: User Interface
✔ Android Basics: Multiscreen
✔ Android Basics: User Input

✔ Learn how to build basic Android Apps from scratch. Bring your passion and enthusiasm

Intermediate Path
Course content
✔ Developing Android Apps
✔ Android Advanced Course

✔ Build Android Apps and learn best practices of mobile development, and Android development in particular.

Beginner Path
Course content
✔ Intro to HTML and CSS
✔ Javascript Basics

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✔ Learn how to build websites from scratch.

Intermediate Path
Course content
✔ Responsive Web Design Development
✔ Building Offline Web Applications

✔ Learn how to build responsive websites and offline web applications with rich user experience.

Beginner Path
✔ For this category, you need to have 1-2 years of working experience. Hence, it is only accepting intermediate applications.

Intermediate Path
✔ Product Design
✔ Course content
✔ Google Product Design

✔ Materialize your game-changing idea and transform it into a product that you can build a business around.

The program is currently available in Nigeria and Kenya only.

✔ Nigerian Users, Click Here To Apply

✔ Kenyan Users, Click Here To Apply


Who can join?
Anyone in Kenya or Nigeria over the age of 13. Prior programming experience is not required.

What are the requirements?
✔ An ability to commit 10 hours per week from mid-November (Nov 25) to March 2018.
✔ Have or have reliable access to a laptop.
✔ Be located in Kenya or Nigeria.
✔ Have a strong passion for technology

Where does ALC 2.0 take place?
Online, with optional in-person meetups.

When does the program take place?
The program begins mid-November (Nov 25) and continues until March 2018.

When is the deadline to apply?
As stated earlier, the deadline to apply is October 21, 2017.

How do I join?
Candidates are selected through an application process. To submit an application, click the apply here button and provide the required information. If selected, they will contact you by e-mail within a few weeks to notify you and provide the next steps.

How does the program work?
ALC 2.0 is split into two ‘tracks’ based on level of experience.
✔ The beginner track is for candidates with no prior programming experience. It starts from the absolute beginning and provides candidates the option to learn how to develop apps, build websites, and/or build technology products.

✔ The intermediate track is for candidates who have 1-2 years prior programming experience on Android, web development, or product design.

Do I have to leave work or school to join?
No. The only requirement is that you can commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Will Andela assist with data or internet?
Andela does not provide for internet access or data. However, it does provide offline content for learners with limited internet access at meetups.

Will I be provided a job at the end of the course?
No, Andela does not connect candidates with jobs upon completion.

How can I help the program succeed?
Tell a friend! Share this page with people you know who are passionate about technology.

What if I have more questions?
You can contact us them via mail on
For more info, you can visit

This is an opportunity for students, youths, who have great passion for technology to further their knowledge by learning any one of the programs listed above. Good luck to all who are applying.

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