How to Buy and Sell Ethereum on

Getting a reliable digital currency trading company can be very challenging. Due to the rate at which online scamming are occurring on a daily basis, people are becoming scared on trading online. In This post, I’ll share with you one of the best in terms of trading online Currencies, truexGold. I’ll also show you how to buy and sell Ethereum on

I know some might be wondering, what truexGold is all about. Let’s take a few seconds to understand everything about truexGold, how they operate and their rates on trading per currency.

About truexGold

TruexGOLD is one of Nigeria’s top Crypto-currency Exchangers where you can instantly buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planetofbets, and fifty other digital currencies. From my review, they maintain the best rates in the online trading industry and about 90% of their transactions are fully automated. 

They also offer anyone the opportunity to earn referring your friends to their network. Once you sign up for an account, your referral link is automatically activated and can be accessed from your profile page

How to buy and sell Ethereum on truexGold

To get the most of this post, I have shared the contents into two parts, so everyone can follow along.

How to Buy Ethereum on truexGold

  1. Signup or login to your truexGold account through this  link.
  2. Click on the Exchange Tab from your account page.
  3. On the left menu, click on NAIRA and on the right, click on EthereumHow to buy and sell Ethereum on truexGold
  4.  Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to purchase, add your Ethereum wallet ID (Minimum transfer N4600).
  5.  Ensure your personal details are correctly inserted because these details will be required to contact and identify you when the transaction is successful. How to buy and sell Ethereum on truexGold
  6. Double-check your order request once again to ensure everything is correct. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions, then Click on Create order
  7. The final step is to transfer money to TruexGOLD bank account, here is a sample order details which you will need when transferring funds from your account to TruexGOLD.How to buy and sell Ethereum on truexGold
  8. You will need to use mobile or internet banking for this step, copy the code and use it as a remark when transferring the money to truexGold.
  9. When your transaction is successful and you have received a debit alert from your bank, return to TruexGOLD and click on PAID. Then wait for the site admin to approve your transaction.
  10. Upon approval, your Ethereum wallet will be credited with the specified amount.

How to Sell Ethereum on truexGold

  1. Log in or sign up for a new account. Follow this link to get started.
  2. Select the Exchange Tab
  3.  On the left menu, select Ethereum and on the right menu, select Naira to continueEthereum wallet
  4.  Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to sell, doing this will automatically calculate the amount of money you will receive from TruexGOLD into your account when the transaction is completed, also enter the Ethereum wallet ID you will be transferring from.
  5. Enter your bank account No., your full name, and name of the bank correctly.How to buy and sell Ethereum on truexGold
  6. Double-check your personal details, answer the verification question, and click on Exchange.
  7. Crosscheck the order details once again to ensure that you have entered all the necessary details correctly, check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click on Create Order
  8. Click on Make Payment to continue
  9. You will be required to transfer the amount you requested to truexGold Ethereum wallet. Find sample order in the screenshot below.truexGold 3d logo design Pixellab
  10. When the transfer is completed, return back to truexGold website then click on PAID.
  11. A human agent would verify that transaction before the Naira Equivalent of your Ethereum is sent to your account.


There are a lot of Crypto-currency Exchangers, but truexGold is at the top of their game offering the best rates on all transactions. In this post, you have learnt how to buy and sell Ethereum on 

If you’d like to watch a video tutorial with a more practical description, click on the link below. Have you ever traded Crypto-currency online? If yes, how was the experience. Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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