How To Download YouTube Videos And Save To Your Device Storage

YouTube is a platform in which videos are being shared online and end users can search and view the videos, without saving it to their devices. YouTube is owned by Google Inc, and can be considered as a search engine for videos. For those who love to watch videos online, most times when streaming a video online, trying to save it could be quite difficult when streaming from YouTube app, or using your phone or PC browser.
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If you’ve been wondering how to save videos for offline use on YouTube, then you are in the right place, as I will be sharing 3 best ways in which you can download videos from YouTube to your device. So sit tight and read through this post.

How To Download Videos From YouTube

Download From SaveFrom.Net
✔ Go to your browser, Enter

✔ Select the video you wish to download > Open the link as though you want to stream the Video

✔ Click on the Address bar, right after the http:// include “ss” without the quote. > Click on enter to go to the link.
Example… Changes to…

✔ On the next page, select the quality you wish to download > Click on it, Your download will start
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NOTE: This tip works on any device or browser, however! If you are browsing with your PC, then you can download the youtube extension to your browser. This saves you the stress of having to add ss always.

Download Using Vidmate
Vidmate is an Android Application, that works as a virtual youtube with added features that enable you download videos on youtube in HD quality, and fast download that works like that of IDM.
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Currently, Vidmate is only available on Android Platform, You can download from this link. However, when it is available for iOS devices the link will be updated on this post.

Download From Normal YouTube Apk
Updated version of YouTube now come with the feature that allows for offline downloads. Although personally I don’t like using it because the download speed is very low. But you can still try it out. Just go to your various app store to update you YouTube and enjoy this new feature.

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That’s it guys on ways to download youtube videos for offline use. You can try out any out of the 3 listed methods. Hope you found this post useful, remember to share with friends.

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