How To Earn Money and Airtime With MyLuckyZone App And Cash Out 5,000+ Easily

Introducing the latest money making app in the building with some similarities with Slide Airtime App but better and interesting way of points accumulation. If you have been following our thread on this blog GyrationTech about free Airtime apps like Sliide airtime, MyAds, e.t.c, you will agree with me that it sometimes helps a lot especially when you are broke. I know of a friend that uses slide app and whatscall app to buy data bundles of her choice. She accumulates a huge amount of airtime and use part of it to subscribe for any data plan. Up till now most people are still enjoying and earning money 💰 from these apps.

While i was doing some research recently online, i came across another money 💵 earning application called MyLuckyZone app. After reading more about it, i decided to test the app with a new bank account and viam… It was successful. The app works like slide
airtime and as usual, you need to work a little bit hard to accumulate a reasonable amount in little space of time, if not you could remain in 100 points for one month.

“MLZ” app is easy to use and you can gain more points in just a minute, when you browse your favorite sites like Facebook, OLX, Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, MTNONLINE, ETISALAT e.t.c via the MyLuckyZone app.
After reading this post, you can start earning your own money and cash out once you meet the requirements.
You also get points by referring others. For example, staying online and referring 5 people will grant you 500 Glo or Etisalat card under the categories of Silver Sales.
(Note Silver sales has the lower target…)


Step 1
Sign up to MyLuckyZone site by clicking here
Step 2
As soon as you have finished signing up, just check your mail box for a verification link, when you are done verifying it…

Step 3
Download the MyLuckyZone app right there from the link above

Step 4
Now Login with the App and go to “My Profile”. Fill all your profile details and remember to use your “mobile number”.

Step 5
To start earning money from the app, just tap on “Earn points”. You will see a list of websites including Facebook, OLX, Konga, Dealdey, Jumia, MTNONLINE, ETISALAT
e.t.c. Just start browsing any of them. To earn more, select sites with higher points and those that you can stay more online on – to increase your point accumulation.

Step 6
To see all your accumulated points, click on “Products” to view your Points balance, keep browsing different websites provided in the
“Earn Points” until you have at least
1000 points.

Step 7
Finally, click on the share button to share your Referral link with friends on social media platforms to accumulate more points.
The higher you share, the more points you get. You can browse through Facebook to get 10,000 point within 5mins.
Immediately you get at least 5 referrals and 1000 points, kindly go to Silver sales to purchase your airtime and cash out ASAP.
You can cash out with your bank details or via recharge card

Why not test this app and start making some money while you browse some websites? It is undoubtedly, a rival airtime generating app to Sliide Airtime.

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