How to Generate QR Code for WiFi Password and Share to Friends

Do you know that you can easily share your WiFi access with friends and neighbors without letting them know your real WiFi password? You might want to share WiFi access with neighbors but not your real WiFi password.

Using this QR Code method, all you need to do is generate QR Code for WiFi access on android devices, and then share code with anyone you wish to share WiFi access with, once you’re done sharing, all the person needs to do is scan QR Code, and the persons WiFi would be connected automatically.

I’ll be guiding you through this process, so you’re advised to read carefully and make use of the correct details while generating your QR Code.

How to Generate QR Code for WiFi Access?

1.       Firstly, go to this page here to generate QR Code.

2.       Next, input your correct WiFi SSID (WiFi name or network name), correct WiFi password, select the security type you’re using for your WiFi (WEP, WPA/WPA2 or no encryption) and select any caption you want to use for the QR Code and click on “Generate WiFi QR Code”.

3.       Once you’ve generated the code, download the code, a download link is provided on same page.

4.       After that, you can share the QR Code image to anyone you wish to share WiFi access with.

How to Connect Shared QR Code?

Once you’ve shared QR Code image with a friend, what the person needs to do is to download “Barcode scanner” from Google playstore and then make use of the barcode scanner to scan the QR Code. The WiFi access would be connected once the QR Code is scanned. Alternatively, the person can make use of QR Code reader. The code should be on other device or system so that you can scan with main device you want to connect with.

Hope you now understand how to share WiFi access with friends without them knowing your real WiFi password? The QR Code method is a much secured means.

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