How to get 1GB free on Airtel | Weekend Plans

Airtel is giving out free 1GB data to their subscribers that can only be used on Saturdays and Sundays (weekends) on their Android devices, tablet, iPhone, iPads, internet modem, PC and any device with SIM support and internet connectivity.

This offer is brightening up this Friday for all Nigerian youths and lovers of free data (awoof) as no one expected it.

According to them
This work’s on Android, iPhone, iOS and Windows mobile and Pc and doesn’t require tunnel Software to power it. As it implies, it is used for weekends (Saturday and Sunday) Starting from 12am Saturday morning till Sunday 11:59pm. For 1 Month

To get Airtel Free 1gb for the weekend just dial *475# After that, you will receive a message similar to this one below
“the data given to you is usable only at 12am on Saturday till Sunday 11:59PM”

I know you might be expecting some form of tweaking or something else. But it just involves applying common knowledge. Anyway, the simplest way to get more than 1gb is activating this on many airtel SIM cards. Just gather as many as you can so that you will have more than enough data to download whatever you intend downloading during the weekend.

Remember it’s free of charge. but hand’s crossed as we wait till weekend to fully confirm how true it is.

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