How to get 200MB Free on Etisalat via MyEtisalat Mobile App

Hi guys, Etisalat Nigeria is giving out free 200MB data as a reward when you download and register on MyEtisalat Mobile App. This is not a cheat nor a trick rather it is a gift from Etisalat.

It was made known on the Etisalat Nigeria Facebook page and also many people have confirmed receiving their data.

How to Get Free 200MB Reward on Etisalat

1. Download the MyEtisalat Mobile App on Google Play Store or on iTunes here
2. Install the app
3. Register/sign-up to the app using your etisalat line, then you would receive your reward data.
4. 200MB reward will be added after 24 hours upon successful registration.

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The offer is free and open to all subscribers so you don’t have to worry about eligibility.

What happens if I don’t get the 200mb bonus data?

Do not panic if you don’t receive the free data from etisalat. Mostly occurs if you registered during holidays or weekends. It should be credited to your Sim during working days (Monday to Friday) Every customer is sure to receive the free data once activation on the app is completed as said by Etisalat on their Facebook and twitter page.

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