How to get Google AdSense Approval Fast – 2017 Working Tips (Part 2)

Most website make use of Google AdSense as a means to monetise their sites and thus make money through Blogging. Due to the large number of publishers and advertisers on their network, getting accepted is a little bit difficult. That is, if you don’t know what the want. Think of it like preparing for a job interview. You need to conduct background research before approaching the Employer. Same applies to Google AdSense. You need to know what is required of a website before applying. I’ve already written a detailed post on the requirements and what to do before applying for Google AdSense. In case you missed that post, Follow this LINK to go through it.

However, If you want to know how to get AdSense approval fast, then I suggest you go through this article. This post Contains step-by-step procedures that will get you AdSense approval very quickly. So sit tight and enjoy this post. Due to the fact that AdSense has a lot of publishers, approval is strict and relies on certain guidelines which we have discuss in previous Posts. I will also guide you on how to bypass those AdSense requirements and get your AdSense approval in less time.

How to Get AdSense Approval Fast (2017 Working Trick)

Create a New Google account
This is very necessary; Don’t make use of an old or existing Gmail account, let’s keep everything new and fresh.

Domain recommendations
For Google AdSense approval use a top level domain. if you are using a domain such as .blogspot or .wordpress then your chances of getting an approved adsense is very slim. Below are some domain extensions I got approvals with easily.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .tk
  • .ml

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Create a new website or use an existing website
The most important phase; I don’t advise using entertainment blog for this phase because most entertainment blogs may contain copied contents or very little word counts in content. Though, entertainment blogs are approved but at very few occasions so I recommend a health website for this. The platform where the website is hosted doesn’t matter be it WordPress or Blogger; both which I recommend best. I use Blogger specifically for this.

Use a friendly theme
User-friendly themes have Google’s love with them that is why you ought to use a theme that is clean and responsive. There are lots of themes for this and I personally use Sahifa theme for WordPress and News52 Template for Blogger. Those are premium themes which are highly responsive and user friendly. But I recommend you use the new templates that were launched by Google for blogger users some months back.

Make Good Navigational pages
Important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, must be present on your website. Google considers them highly important.

Uploading contents
This section sums up the AdSense approval requirement. You must have quality content on your website. This is where most so-called “adsense experts” will urge you to publish many articles. They will tell you that you need lots of contents in order to get approval.

It might interest you to know that, Google doesn’t crawl your website by the number of articles you have. Google crawls your webpages individually sorting it out based on the number of words in each article. This is what those “experts” won’t tell you since they have the strong belief that Google will review the number of contents your website has rather than the number of words in each content.

To pass this test, I recommend you upload 10-15 contents to your health blog with each containing a minimum of 700words; though you can use any other niche aside health but I strongly recommend health. After completing this phase your chances of getting AdSense approved is 90%.

Driving Traffic To Your Blog
After posting the contents on your website it is time to boost your traffic. Though, Google AdSense doesn’t consider traffic as a factor for approval, I have confirmed that when I got approved with a website with little traffic. But a website with traffic is guaranteed to earn a lot from AdSense.

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Remove Third-Party AD Networks
Google doesn’t like competition and when it comes to business no one likes it as well. To avoid your chances of getting approved from reducing remove all forms of third-party advertising networks from your website. Whether, Propeller Ads, Adrolls, Adnow, PopAds, Chitika, or others; Just remove them and make your website free from adverts. If you want to get an edge above on how to get AdSense approval fast then please discard these third party Ads from your website before applying. After getting the approval, you can proceed to reinsert them.

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Apply and get approved
Once you have put all these into place, it is time to apply. Though my methods work best with USA and UK AdSense applications, also works For Nigerian AdSense. But if you try applying for a Pakistani AdSense then you need to have a domain older than 6 months before you can be approved.

Google Adsense Fast Approval Trick For 2017

Step 1
Make a new blog on blogger platform. Set it up and install an SEO friendly theme. Make the blog’s design clean. Upload a good logo and make use of a responsive theme.

Step 2
Using a .tk domain. You can get a .tk or other extensions free at You can also opt to use a .ml, .ga extension. Also use a reflexive domain name that sounds okay.

Step 3
Setup necessary pages such as:
✔ About page
✔ Contact page
✔ Privacy Policy Page
✔ Add Contact Form
Next thing is to add up these pages and widgets to your blog’s top or bottom layer.

Step 4
Visit There you will get the articles you will use for adsense application. I recommend sorting for Health articles or Insurance articles. Pick a category based on my recommendations and copy the articles. Open two articles in two tabs, you will need to paste an article with 1000 words each on your blog so ensure that you copy to the word count.

Step 5
Goto “”, Paste the two articles you copied from Ezine and rewrite them using the tool to remove plagiarism. Repeat this step till you have 10-20 articles on your blog.

Step 6
Download Traffic Spirit Bot to supply traffic to the adsense blog before approval. Although, Google said for Google adsense approval they don’t take traffic into consideration but Google are not trustworthy at times so traffic is necessary.

After downloading the software, keep your computer internet connection active and input your url into the software, set a traffic limit and supply traffic to the website for a day.
These 6 steps above will guarantee you Google adsense approval within the first attempt.

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Google AdSense is no doubt the leading Ad Network for publishers and advertisers worldwide. It also presents bloggers and vloggers(YouTube) with an opportunity to make money legitimately through our blogs or YouTube channels. Hopefully you have learnt How to Get Adsense Approval and by strictly following the steps above be well assured that in a week time adsense will be running on your website. In addition, when it comes to content and traffic you really have to be very smart enough about it ?. If you have got any questions or contributions then please feel free to add. I hope this guide helps you to get AdSense approval fast. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to hit the share button. Best wishes!!!

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