How to grow your Followers on Instagram

No one can dispute the power of social media. It can make someone jump into lagos lagoon at the same time lite a candle of hope around your business. The easiest way to grow your business is via the social media.

But today, I will be giving you quick tips on how to get massive instagram followers and likes. I’m not talking about robot following you but real human followers.

How to Grow your Followers on Instagram

>>Use Instagram Stories:  Instagram Stories has been a huge hit since you could first create your own Story back in August of last year. They’re fun, versatile, and a great way to connect with your audience. Not just that but you also got a chance to be recommended by instagram.

Take a moment and head to the Explore page on Instagram. Notice the row of Instagram Stories at the top of the page? The reason those Stories appear is because Instagram selected them based on the accounts you follow and the posts you like. Instagram may also show you Stories that accounts you follow have liked, or were liked by a large number of people.
If you want to get on the Instagram Explore page, you need to create ultra-engaging, super-targeted content. “The better your Stories are, and the more they speak to a specific audience, the higher the chance that Instagram will add your account to the recommended Stories at the top of the Explore tab,”
>>Share Engaging Videos: Video content is a powerful tool for brands looking to build trust with their followers and reach new audience. Uploading relevant video gives you higher engagement which means the more likes and comments your post receives, the more people will see your post. In other words, if you’re able to generate a lot of engagement on your Instagram posts shortly after posting, this signals to Instagram that your post is quality, engaging content and your post will move to the top of your followers feeds and be shown to more users.
Now Apply These Tricks
>>Search the hashtag #Likeforfollow. Now go through pics and start to like pics that you feel are in some way associated with your brand. Not all will follow you back for a like, but the return rate is around 10%, which is pretty decent for a few mins work. Depending on what time it is, you’ll start to get followers back within minutes!
>>Search the hashtag #Shoutout. Go through and again do the same. People will give you a shout out on their page and people will follow you.
>>And finally, comment on peoples Pics. The‘follow back’ percentage is a lot higher if you do this. People get likes all the time, they don’t always check who’s liked their pics. Comments are a little rarer, so the user is more likely to check out who commented on their pic. Just little comments like ‘great pic’, ‘nice shot’, ‘I’ve been there!’ etc. 
That’s all for the Instagram follower tips. Hope it helps

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