How To Identify A Fake SD Card Before Purchasing

There are a lot of fake SD cards out there in market and many people fall victims to this. Buying SD cards with one problem or the other. One of the most annoying experience is memory cards that worked perfectly when tested in the store but once you get back home, it starts giving one problem or the other. But relax, I will show you how to detect a fake SD with some tools like SD Insight and H2testw. But before then, see the first steps you should take while buying an SD card
Ask for warranty
This will make the seller to be cautious because he knows he will loose if anything go wrong with the sd card within the warranty period. Some sellers will not even sell the product to you again immediately you demand for warranty. They will stylishly chase you away because they know that their product is not original.
Test the SD card at the shop
This is if you are not buying it online. It is important you test your new SD card right in front of the seller. Try to receive a file into the sd card, check the memory space and others.
However, if you are buying from online stores like Jumia and Konga, you can place your order and pay when the SD card gets to you fine.
1. Using SD Insight
It is extremely difficult to know a fake or original SD card when you see it. The packaging is confusing and will look like original to you but with SD insight, you will identify a fake or an original SD card. The application is free, fast and easy-to-use mobile app. It is used to view SD card manufacturing details, the original size of the memory card and many other vital information you need to know about your memory card.
Where Can I Download SD Insight
SD Insight is available on Playstore. Download HERE
How To Use SD Card Insight
1. Once you have installed the app, Insert any SD card that you want to test into your Android smartphone.
2. Now Launch the installed SD Insight application. Immediately, you will see the information about your SD card including the manufacturers, product name, manufacturing date and real size in a format that you will understand
3. Finally, you can click the menu button to view more real information about the memory card
4. Assuming you have more than one SD cards in your phone, you will easily be able to also see the details for each SD card.
5. Not just seeing the real size and manufacturing date but you can also look into the validation period of the memory card against the class rating for the minimum data transfer rate for example, the Class 2,  class 4, class 6 and  the class 10 SD cards
Method 2: Checking Fake SD Card With H2testw Software
H2testw is simply a PC software that is used to test fake memory devices like SD cards, flash drives and even hard drives. It is a free application that requires no payment. You can download and install it on your PC and it will be a great tool for you anytime you want to check your memory devices.
Download h2testw HERE
How Does H2testw Work?
This great tool works by filling the chosen target drive with test data and then reads this data back to verify it the originality in it. It displays all the information you need including errors found on the SD card or memory drive as the case may be.
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