How to Know If your Computer Has Been Infected With Malware

The internet is no doubt a resource tool for getting acquainted with different tools and tutorials that sometimes help us maintain our PC’s, but the Internet is also inhabited by a host of malicious software. Even the most diligent internet user can experience an infection on their computer. Most times we are clueless as to the cause of malicious activities on our computers. Well, not anymore as we’ll be highlighting some basic signs to know if your System is Infected by Malware. Possible solutions are also given where available.

How To Know If Your Computer Has Been Breached By A Virus

Pop-up Ads
If your computer is being plagued by popup ads, even when you are not actively using the internet, then you likely have a virus. Never click on these ads as many are designed to trick and scam you. Some may even inform you that your computer has a virus in an attempt to make you pay for fake anti-virus software.

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Missing Files
Viruses have the ability to move and delete files. If some of your documents become impossible to locate then you may be infected. First, determine that another user has not moved them, or that you have not merely misplaced them. If you are still confused about their whereabouts, time to run a virus scan.

Hijacked Messages
Are you seeing messages to your friends that you do not remember sending? Malware can hijack messaging systems such as your Skype and email. They can then send fake messages, including attachments and links, which may redirect contacts to dodgy sites, or even infect their computer as well.

First off, let your contacts know that the messages are not from you, and to not open any links or attachments. From there you should run a virus scan, as well as change the passwords for your messaging systems.

Constant Crashes
If your computer crashes regularly, then it could be due to the operation of a virus. They can affect key processes, resulting in system instability and crashes. You need to run some quality anti-malware software. However, if you are in a position where this cannot be completed due to the frequency of the crashes, then you will need to restart your computer in safe mode. Not all anti-virus software operates in a safe mode, but hopefully, yours will. Otherwise, you will need to seek other options.

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Sluggish Performance
Is your computer running strangely slow? Check that you don’t have resource heavy programs operating and that your hard drive is not running low on space. Viruses operate in the background, using your computer’s resources, so if you can’t determine another reason for your system’s slow performance, then it may be a virus. However, if you have an older computer, with a relatively small amount of RAM, then it may just be time for an upgrade.

Haywire Browser
Another obvious sign of an infection is an out of control browser. If yours is constantly redirecting you to sites that you never selected, then something is wrong. Even more suspicious is if these sites are trying to sell you something, especially anti-virus software itself.

Certain websites are notorious for redirecting users, so make sure that it is not just a particular page that is causing you problems. Furthermore, poorly set up browsers can also cause redirection issues, however, this is unlikely, especially with popular and reliable browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. If you cannot determine a reason for these re-directions, then you likely have an infection.

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Different Homepage
Your homepage gets changed, and not matter how many times you change it back, it still reverts to the unwanted page. This is a sure sign that something is amiss. This type of virus is associated with pages visited online. Certain legitimate programs can change your homepage, however, they will generally allow you to change it back anytime you wish.

Locked Out
Can’t get into your computer? Are you repeatedly being told your password is wrong, even though you have been using it for years? Malware has the ability to lock you out of your computer as well (Ransommware).

Quick Tip: If you cannot log into your operating system at all, try restarting your computer in safe mode. This may allow you access and enable you to run software to eliminate the culprit.

No Symptoms At All
Sometimes You may not be experiencing issues with your computer, however, it could still be infected. Certain viruses can run very effectively without giving themselves away. The only way to prevent is to run regular system scans.

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Finally, do not wait any longer, when some of these signs begin to showcase. It is important to stay protected. Meanwhile, I recommend we all have anti-malware software installed on your system for easy detection of harmful virus that are of great threat to the effective working of the system.

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