How to make Money with your Facebook account (2 best ways)

Facebook is inarguably one of the most popular social media platform, boasting of a billion users daily, and members all over the world. I must Commend Uncle Mark for the new features that are being added to Facebook regularly. You can even use Facebook for free on Airtel and 9mobile networks. The low cost/data required to access Facebook makes it one of the cheapest but efficient social media platform.
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However, Most users spend lots of time updating their status daily, and in return the get likes and comments, without knowing that their account could be a source of income for them. Don’t get me wrong, constant update of status is another means to earn via Facebook (I’ll show you how, continue reading). I know after reading this post, you will reconsider reducing the amount of posts you update daily on Facebook.

Meanwhile, do you know you can be making money from your social media account? I asked myself how possible it can be. But after conducting some background research, I stumbled on an article that revealed ways in which you can make money from your Facebook account. Yes! You heard me right, there are numerous ways in which you can earn decent money from your social media account. In this post, I’ll be sharing 3 ways in which you can make money on Facebook


Method 1
The first method involves a lot of background work and post sharing, and involves using a web tool known as adfly. Adfly is a URL shortening website that pays users for serving shortened links with ads and pays users per visit and click of the link you serve to your audience. To make money with adfly, you need to have different social media account. But I recommend using Facebook because of its popularity, although you can opt for others. Follow the steps below and you might just be making money with your Facebook account.
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1. Login to your facebook account, or create a new one if you don’t have one.

2. Join as many groups as you can. There is no limit to the amount of group you can join.
Quick tip: Go for groups with considerably high number of members, also check to see if the members are reacting to posts, otherwise you might be joining a group with bot members. Which could affect this trick.

3. After joining the groups, proceed to create an account with adfly. Click here to Join.

4. On completion of the registration, open your email and verify your account with them.

5. Login to your adfly account > Input any random link you want to shorten in the url box (,,,,…)

6. Copy the shortened link, then log back into your facebook account.

7. Go to groups, select any and paste the link you copied from Adfly, add a brief description about the landing page of the link, then share to the group.

8. Continue sharing to other groups, until you might have exhausted all your groups.

9. You will get paid per click on the advert served on the shortened url.

Note: If you want to earn more, I’ll recommend you sign up to affiliate companies like Clickbank, Jumia, Konga, Namecheap, etc.

✔ After sign up and verification, login to your affiliate account >Select a product you know people wouldn’t resist, copy the link to the product.

✔ Shorten the url to the link in your adfly account > Copy the link, then go to your facebook group and repeat steps 6-9 above. In this case, the description would be about the product you selected from your affiliate account.

✔ In this way you get paid two ways, one from adfly and the other from sales made from your affiliate link.

Method 2
The second method in which you can make money from your account, requires that your account be very popular, I mean very popular or you have a facebook page with thousands of likes. So if you haven’t got any of those, I suggest you stick to the first method above, and focus on growing your social media account. Here is how you make money with your account.

✔ As a popular facebook user, do you know that upcoming brands, musicians, artists, companies or already established firms would want to utilize your facebook followers as a means to advertise their products and services? You can charge them to promote their brand on your facebook account/page/group. But remember to place a reasonable price. Under advisement, start up with a low price and later on, you can increase it.

✔ Secondly, contact fully established brand, telling them how you can promote their company/products/services on your social channel. Some will agree to advertise with you. Just remember not to charge more at the first instance.

Final words
These are the two methods I know so far that one can utilize their social media (facebook) account as a means to make money online and with little or no effort. Although, there are different ways, but they methods above are sure to get you some pocket change. You might think its little, but those pocket change will be enough to subscribe for data bonus. Hope you find this post helpful! Share this post with others if you enjoyed and find it useful.

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