How to make widgets visible in mobile view

Blogging has become a major source of living for most people in our society today. Most people who are blogging find it a bit difficult to customize their blog and to add widgets. People often ask the question; why is my widget not showing in mobile view? I decided to write this simple tutorial to answer their question.

How to make widgets visible in mobile view

1.       Go to templates on your blog menu and click on it. On the mobile view click on edit and select template, select custom view (This displays your web version). Click on apply to blog

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2.       Go to layout and click on the widget you wish to add, click on edit, it takes you to a new tab, on the address bar check for the format of the widget e.g HTML3format, this is found at the right end of the title, close the window and go back to your template settings

3.       Click on edit HTML, a new page opens, select jump to widget and click on the one you wish to make visible in this case we want HTML3 to be visible so we click on it. It takes you to the position of the widget

4.       On the widget click on the space between locked and title and add mobile=’yes’ NOTE: there must be a space between the locked mobile=’yes’ and title. If you want the widget to be displayed only on mobile view add mobile=’only’. If you want to remove it from the mobile view add mobile=’no’.

5.       After the settings click on save settings

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