How To Make Your Smartphone Charger 3 Times Faster

Smartphones are multi-purpose gadgets with variety of applications with different usage. Hence, most users like me make best use of their devices until it freezes like MMM 😀. Some of our smartphones especially the low-end phones which come with low battery capacity. Regular Charging can be a very annoying thing especially when it takes time to complete its charging.

Meanwhile, recent smartphones being launched by smartphone companies pack powerful battery capacity, the likes of Gionee M2017, Gionee M6S Plus, Tecno L9 Plus to mention a few. In the mean time, these are some useful tips to make your smartphone charger 3x faster than it used to. These tips are not intended for android users only.w Blackberry and iOS devices could also give it a shot.


Switch Off Your Phone While Charging
Turning off your mobile phone when charging will increase the charging speed, as well as make all processes and applications idle, this make the battery draining rate to be zero thereby allowing the battery juice to be well conserved.

Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging
As mentioned earlier, your phone charges better when turned off. It is therefore more preferable to use it in battery save mode. This will increase the charging speed and avoid making the phone over heat.

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Remove/Clear Recent Apps
Should in case you don’t want to power off your device probably, you expecting an important call on something else. Well, You can leave your phone on but make sure Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Hotspot etc are turned off. Also make sure to kill all apps running (not like a hunter shooting an antelope o) but by using task killers or just clearing running apps.

Avoid Charging Your Phone With Your PC/Laptops
Sometimes charging your phones with your PC can be very fast and the phones appear to be full in a very short time but by using it you discover it just a ‘fake’ charge. While other times it appears to be very slow (this doesn’t mean it will last long) it is strongly recommended not to plug your phone to your computer for charging. Apart from the aforementioned it can also damage both the system and phone battery.

Use Original Chargers Only
This is one of the most important thing to do to make your phone charge faster. When the ‘follow come’ charger of your phone is damaged, stolen or lost. Do well to buy an original charger or a recommended one. It may be expensive but it is recommended to avoid damage to your phone and to have a better charging experience.

Avoid Charging Always
Charging your mobile phone every time reduces the life cycle of your battery. When your battery is damaged it takes longer time to charge and when it finally gets full, it discharges very rapidly. So avoid charging always as it damages your battery.

Use Chargers With High Rating
This is the secret of fast charging. Smartphones with high battery power usually require a charger with high rating to charge fast. Like my current smartphone, it doesn’t charge fast with low rating charger. Preferably, use original chargers from your smartphone company to ensure fast charge.

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Well, that does it for tips on making your smartphone charge as fast as possible. Hope you find it helpful. Do well to inform others by sharing via social media.

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