How to play Xbox 360 games on android devices

The Xbox 360 Emulator is just an imitating console android application that simulates the hand-picked Xbox games on your Android smartphone (Just like PPSSPP Emulator). Being a free application, it scales down the games resolution & graphical qualities to the low as possible & render it using your mobile’s CPU & GPU. During the process, it drops considerable amount of frames & even freezes some times.

Xbox is empowered by Xenos graphical unit which is powerful enough to play all the demanding AAA titles at locked 30FPS in 1080p resolution. While using the emulator don’t expect very smooth gameplay in FHD & QHD resolutions. But you can play handpicked games at low resolution with playable frame rates.

Features Of Xbos 360 Emulator
1. It is a free app
2. File size – 17.34mb
3. Platform – android OS v4.0 and above

How to Install Xbox 360 Emulator APK

» First, download Xbox 360 emulator by clicking here.
» Then go to settings > security > enable or tick “ unknown source”
» Now open the downloaded APK file.
Click install .
» Once the installation is finished, tap done .
» Reboot once you have successfully installed the app.

Playing Xbox games on Android mobile phon be an excellent idea for game lovers, especially when you don’t have the budget to purchase the Xbox or Xbox 360 games. If your phone is quite high-end, you can enjoy most of the graphic intense games seamlessly.

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