How to port your sim from one service provider to another

There are many reasons why you might want to port from your current network to another network. It might be because of poor network, high cost of data plans, or to enjoy the recent Airtel 2GB at N100 data cheat to newly ported subscribers, which is the main reason why I am writing this little tutorial. 
how to port from glo to airtel, 9mobile to mtn
Although, there may be a little fee attached when trying to port your line to a new service provider, but it may be considered negligible since it seems you are trying to pay for a new sim. Also when you port, you’d also get to retain your old number, therefore if one gets to call you through that number, it’d still go through. Without much long talks, here are the steps involved. Ps it works for all network.

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If you are porting from one network to another, you need to visit the outlet of the network that you are porting to.

STEP 1: Visit any nearest outlet of the network you’re porting to recipient.

STEP 2: You’ll be given MNP request form to fill and you should have a valid ID which could be either of Voter’s card, Student ID cards, Driver’s license, International Passport

STEP 3: A new SIM will be given to you and registered and you’ll be told to send “PORT” to “3232”.

STEP 4: Your request will be forwarded by the recipient to NPC (Number Portability Clearing House) where it will be approved and validated. If validation is OK, you’ll be informed as the SIM will be activated.

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NOTE: In order to avoid loss of Sim content, Make sure you backup your contacts, use all the credits and data on the SIM before porting.

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