How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram – Unfollowers For Instagram

Using Instagram, when someone follows you, a notification will be sent to you that you just gain a new followers almost like how it’s done on twitter but you won’t be notified of when you are unfollowed.

However if you are concerned with the growth of your Instagram account especially if you are using it for official purpose, you need to know how people are following and unfollowing you likewise what triggers these activities.

Probably you and some friends or acquaintances decided to do something like mutual Instagram follow; This is simply a method where you follow each other on Instagram. Now let’s say at the end of the day, you were able to gain forty followers.
But surprisingly, when you login to your Instagram account the following day, you discovered your followers list had been reduced by 10.

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You could login to check notifications but Instagram only notifies you when someone follows you but NOT when someone unfollows you. How will you then fish out those who Unfollow You on Instagram? Not to worry, we got you covered. Here on GyrationTechs we will show you how to detect the users who unfollow you so sit tight and enjoy the post. Before I forget, you can also follow me on Instagram @gyrationtech

How To Find Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Formally, this was done using an online website called Unfollowgram,. It shows the list of users who unfollow you on Instagram but unfortunately the website no longer works for Instagram again. Well! Not to worry, there is another way to detect those people that will just follow you, so that after you followback, they will unfollow you in an instance. An app helps us to achieve this, called Unfollowers For Instagram.

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Unfollowers For Instagram is an Android App that allows you to manage your Instagram account growth. The App features include “Instagram users who don’t follow you back”, “users who are following you”, those whom you are both following each other and lots more. Using this application, you can identify users who unfollow and decide whether or not to continue following them

✔ The app is available on Playstore, and can be downloaded through this link

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