How to share Applications (Apk) Files via Whatsapp

Whatsapp is no doubt one of the most vibrant and popular social media platform out there. Uncle Mark is really doing a great job with the social media. Recent updates in whatsapp has made it possible for one to share documents, videos, music, contacts and the likes. But the one thing people still find difficult to do is to share apps via whatsapp.

Today, I’ll be sharing two ways i use to share apps on whatapp. But before then, You can join our whatsapp group through this link. Back to the main topic of the day. Sit tight as I guide you through the processes involved.


Method 1: Using The normal Whatsapp
1. Create a backup of the apk you wish to share. If you don’t know how to go about it, click HERE for complete guide.

2. Go to your file manager and locate the backup you created. > Rename the file extension to .doc
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3. Login to your whatsapp > select the contact or Group you wish to share the file to
how can i share apps on whatsapp
4. Select share and then select document
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5. Locate the file you renamed and select it

6. The recipient of the file then removes the .doc extension and replace it with .apk > Then install the app

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Method 2: Using GB Whatsapp
Quite simple and does not require any renaming and stuffs. All you need to do is download the latest version of GB Whatsapp (GB Whatsapp V5.60) then you are good to go. In the send option you will see apps. Select it and choose the preferred app you wish to share.

That’s all guys. Hope this helps. Remember to share with friends.

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