How to share Posts to Social Media Automatically

Hello guys, today I am going to be sharing how you can automatically share your blog post on various social media platform. Blogging can be very tedious a job to do, especially when you don’t have the right tools to assist you in your blogging career.
 In an attempt to get more page views and generate traffic, most bloggers join various social media platform so as to enable them share their blog posts. But sharing it manually can be a very difficult task to carry out, and also data consuming.  Not to worry, I will be showing you how you can share your posts automatically without necessarily login in to your account.
How To Share Blog Posts Automatically To Social Accounts

  • Logon to and create a new account
  • Enter the Blog or website whose post you intend sharing.
  • Click on Add account. Then start adding your social network account
  • After successfully adding your social account, proceed to creating a blog post.

That’s all on this tutorial, Remember to share with friends.

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