How To Undo & Redo Text On Android Using Inputting+ CTRL Z/ CTRL Y

Am sure you know there is no option to undo or redo a mistakenly typed or wiped text on android devices unlike on iOS devices and PC where you can easily undo or redo any mistake by simply typing some short codes,like Ctrl Z or Ctrl Y as the case may be.
Although Android devices can use the copy and paste features but if you haven’t experienced a situation where you mistakenly wipe a large text you are typing, you won’t realize the need for the “undo and redo functions” on your mobile phones.

As a matter of fact, many people have laid complain and requested that this feature should be included in android OS just as it is on iOS devices but i can’t still figure out why Google is turning a deaf ear 👂 to peoples requests in regards to this. But don’t worry, you are covered. With the use of a third party application, you can achieve this without waiting for google to include it. To achieve this, you will use a third party app called Inputting+

Where Can I Download It?

Download Inputting+ Apk Android App Here

How To Use Inputting+ App

• Download and install the app
• Grant it permissions in Android’s
accessibility settings via your phone settings
• After that, you should see Inputting+ in the notification panel of your phone
Note that this app only get activated
whenever you are about to type and the app tracks everything you type and edit but it doesn’t store it online so your security is guaranteed.
• Finally, to undo or redo any mistake, just use the undo or redo arrows. This app is compatible with almost all the keyboards available

With this, you can now be able to undo any mistake while typing on your android phone just as it is done while typing on PC. Trust me, it would save you one day from a mess.

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