How to Withdraw Your Crypto, Have it Deposited to Your Bank Account Using Bundle Africa

If you are living in Nigeria, you’ll understand that the CBN ban on Banks allowing individuals to buy crypto currency has paved the way for P2P trading to soar. Before now, you can easily use your Bank ATM card to buy and even sell cryptocurrency and have it deposited directly to your bank account.

A lot of crypto exchanges have moved on since the ban while some are yet to get a reasonable solution to what is happening. YellowCard hasn’t proffered any solution yet but processed every Naira withdrawal initiated before now.

RoqquePay on other hand has a lot of issues, the complaints on their social media handle are too much to bear as even the support guys are tired and had to deactivate comments on their handle. Supports are not responding to queries and yet they are encouraging people to keep depositing via P2P.

The other day, I shared how you can easily buy and sell crypto on Binance, but some individuals are complaining that Binance is too complicated to navigate around most especially for the first-timer. There are lots of tutorials you can watch on YouTube and even on the Binance Nigeria telegram channel. Once you grab it, you won’t want to leave that exchange.

Today, I’m going to show you how to withdraw directly to your bank account using Bundle Africa.

Bundle Africa

Bundle Africa is a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance that allows you to trade cryptocurrency of your choice available on their platform. You can deposit crypto, convert it to naira and withdraw it to your bank account via certified third-party partners.

How it Works

P2PExpress: You can withdraw either via P2P Express – Using P2P express, your crypto will, first of all, be converted to USDT, then the partner will convert it from USDT to naira, then deposit it to your bank account.

P2PExpress Withdrawal on Bundle Africa

Step 1: First of all download the bundle Africa app here if you don’t have it. Register and perform minor verification.

Step 2: To avoid too much charges, I’ll advise you to convert your crypto to USDT before placing any withdrawal.

Step 3: Open Bundle and tap Withdraw.

Bundle Africa Wallet crypto

Step 4: Tap Withdraw with P2PExpress.

Crypto Bundle Africa wallet P2P

Step 5: Choose a bank and type in your bank account number, and the amount you wish to withdraw

Step 6: Choose the crypto asset you want to withdraw.

Please, note that the asset you choose will be converted to USDT.

Step 7: Tap Confirm Payment.

Step 8: Please, make sure you read the disclaimer then tap Confirm.

Step 9: Type in your Bundle PIN to confirm the transaction.

Once completed, you will get a credit alert from your bank.

How to Withdraw From Bundle Africa Using Cashlink

Cashlink allows you to deal with verified third-party partners without converting your crypto asset to USDT. Cashlink is live for cash withdrawals and there are verified Cashlink Partners waiting to fulfill your cash withdrawal requests.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Bundle.

2. On Bundle, tap ‘Withdraw’ then choose the ‘Withdraw with Cashlink’ option and type in the amount of naira (NGN) you want to withdraw.

3. Set your preferred payment method – a bank account or a cash wallet.

4. Cashlink will match you with verified Partners and you can select up to 3 Partners who can fulfill your cash withdrawal request for a small commission.

5. When your request is accepted by a Partner, your NGN balance in Bundle will be held by Cashlink safely.

6. When the Partner confirms that they have made the payment and you confirm that you’ve also received the payment through your preferred payment method, Cashlink will release the NGN amount to the Partner’s Bundle wallet.

How to Deposit Naira on Bundle Wallet Using Cashlink?

This feature is under development and it’s supposed to be live today. Expect it to be live soonest.

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