Just IN: WhatsApp Rolled Out The Ability to Pause and Resume Voice Recording

WhatsApp has been dishing out updates almost every week, and now the company is rolling out another update that will allow you to pause and resume voice recording.

Some couples of weeks back, the company rolled out the ability to listen to voice note before sending them. And this new update is an improvement to the updated voice note feature. You can listen to the voice note before sending it, you can delete the voice note or you can resume the recording.

This feature is now rolling out to the web/desktop client, and it is already available for iOS users. Android users beta testers will need to wait a little more for the update to be available.

Chat Migration

In other news, WhatsApp beta users on iOS can now migrate their chat history from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. This feature has been rolled out to WhatsApp beta for iOS 22.2.74, after it previously spotted the reverse capability in the WhatsApp beta for Android.

Chat migrations between the two smartphone operating systems are only possible for those users who wish to switch from iOS to a new Samsung Android smartphone or a Pixel 6. But WhatsApp has promised to make it available to all Android and iOS users in the “coming months”.

Google also promised that the feature is being rolled out to all Android 12 smartphones.

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