Konga Black Friday Starts Today – 60% Off Across Various Categories, See deals…

Konga black Friday Yakata sales is now active and would run from 6th November to 10th November 2017. Yakata Konga’s version of Black Friday will feature deals across all categories ranging from phones and tablets from top brands, electronics such as audio systems, televisions, home theatres, DVD players, camera and other electronics bundles. You don’t want to miss out of the ridiculous lowest prices on games and consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games.


Yakata Sales is the sale of all sales online, with colossal price slashes.The Black Friday Yakata Sales  started on 6th Nov and will run through to 10th November 2017, so if you’re looking to take advantage of these great deals, make some time for the Konga Yakata sale! Fastest fingers first as Fall Yakata will be a limited time deal. So if you are looking for the latest TV, mobile or laptop, you better get searching as soon now.
Take advantage of this opportunity, as it only comes ones in a year. To enjoy Konga black Friday deals, simply follow this link to visit konga black Friday deals page. Or click on the image below
yakata 2017 deals

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