MTN free browsing: How to watch YouTube videos free on MTN

Good news to MTN subscribers. A new cheat has been uncovered and it is meant for MTN users. The cheat give you unlimited access to stream YouTube videos and even download them. It is powered by YouTube Go app and MTN night plan.

mtn youtube cheat

Free browsing as it is now is not as regular as it used to be, our network providers are seriously preventing loop holes that lead to free browsing by taking serious security measures. But sincerely speaking, I would like to appreciate our network providers for making available cheap data plans the series of bonuses the continue to launch on a daily basis. It looks as though the are competing with one another over who has more bonus.

Meanwhile, YouTube lovers, this is your time to watch and download videos as you like via MTN and the YouTube app. Before I give you the procedures, let’s take a look at other necessary information. Remember this cheat works only at night between the hours of 12am and 4am.

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✔ Your MTN Sim
✔️ A good 3G/4G network
✔️ YouTube Go app (Get it HERE)
✔️ Your device (windows phone, Android, iOS or PC)

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A post has been made on how to subscribe to night plan on major telecom networks in Nigeria, You c
an find the link to that post here.


✔️ After subscribing to the plan, ensure you Exhaust the 500mb allocated to you before 4am.

✔️ Wait for 2 minutes before you start the YouTube app.

✔️ From there you can watch unlimited videos, download as you like until 4am. The cheat stops once  the time for the night plan is due (ie 4am). The interesting part is that it’s unlimited so no data cap. 

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NOTE: This trick only work when you use the official YouTube app or the newly introduced YouTube Go app.

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