NCC Mandate All Teleco Network To Give Extra 14 Days To Subscribers On Data Plan

Good news to all Nigerians. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has mandated all telecom operators in the country to give extra 14 days grace period once someone’s data subscription expires without using all the data.
For instance, if you subscribed for one month data plan and didn’t exhaust the data before the 30 days or 31 days period, you will get extra 14 days grace period to use up the data. This is what NCC meant. The top networks providers in Nigeria like MTN, 9Mobile, Airtel and Glo are all affected.
According to this report, a representative of the Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Professor Umar Danbata, at the Consumers Conversation Forum held in Minna, Niger State thus:
NCC has mandated all network providers to give their subscribers 14 days of grace after the 30 days expiration of their data if they still have data left and cannot recharge to get their data rolled over,
This directives from NCC is not yet effective as of the time of this publication but I hope it’s taken serious and implemented.
If it’s implemented, am sure most of us will be very happy as some people rarely exhaust their monthly data bundle subscription and when there is no “data rollover” attached to the plan, you lost the data just like that.
Left to me, whether it’s implemented or not, I don’t think it will affect me because even the
double data plan I use is not enough for me in two weeks talk more of not using it up in 30 days.
What say yah about this move by NCC?

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