New WhatsApp App is now Available For Windows – Download it here

WhatsApp has been working on a standalone desktop app for Windows for quite some time now and it has finally launched it in beta version.

The app itself is based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and notifications work even if the app is closed. There’s also a new writing pad feature, with support for multi-device functionality, which means you don’t need a phone to log into your account.

Whatsapp app for windows

What You Can Expect From This Latest Release

Multi-Device Support: For many people, the highlight will be multi-device support. This means that it is possible to use WhatsApp to chat with others without the need to have your phone or even connected to the internet.

Video Calling: Other key features include video calling, a new look complete with Windows 11’s transparent acrylic effects, and incredibly fast launch times. Perhaps the most useful feature of this new app is the way notifications work.

Background Syncing: As this is a UWP app, background syncing is available, and this means that notifications will appear even when the app is not open.

Where to Download it

You can download it here, set up is straightforward: just fire up the application, scan the QR code and you are in.

Note: This is a beta version that is still undergoing development so, with feedback from users, it is going to improve further and gain even more features in the future.

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